G-Tender Custom Ribs

G-Tender was born from the desire to produce sporty and manoeuvrable RIBs thanks to the profound experience gained in the nautical sector combined with a great passion for the sea.

G-Tender DIECI is a boat for day cruising, ideal for quickly reaching exclusive beaches and coves. Available in Open and Open with T-Top versions. The command console is wraparound, ergonomic, commander-facing and provides unparalleled handling.

Original solutions allow the boat to be customised to create large sunbathing areas at the bow and stern. Elegant, sporty but above all performing. The powerful outboard engines allow the G-Tender DIECI to navigate in complete safety in all sea conditions.


Summer 2019, in the waters of Porto Rotondo, G-Tender Custom Ribs is the protagonist. The official video of the G-Tender DIECI tells a story of sea and passion. All the G-Tender soul breaks out in a breathtaking video that highlights the performance and marine qualities of the 10-metre.

Davide Gessa, at the helm, wanted to create a boat for demanding customers who seek elegance and power. The result is a unique, original, utterly customised product.